pdf library for.ntEver wonder what factors to consider when choosing a reliable converter of HTML files or web pages into usable and printable PDF format? There are certain times when surfing on the net, you simply bookmark a particular page for further reviewing. But accessing the said bookmark later on can be a challenge especially when there is no internet connection or when using another web browser that does not work amiably with the HTML code of the said URL. This is where the use of an HTML to PDF Converter comes in.

When it comes to flexibility and security, converting to PDF from HTML allows a person instant access to websites or web pages regardless of what computer to use and when done during offline circumstances. All it needs is a simple PDF reader or a tool that allows your computer to read the PDF file with ease. But the number of converters had risen in numbers over the years. When choosing, there are important factors that must be considered to ensure that you get the results you want. Here are some of them:

Usefulness / Effectiveness

Before you jump into any converter for PDF from HTML, it is imperative to clearly define the tasks you wish to achieve. You need to remember that HTML is a programming language that creates websites with versatile platforms and dynamic page elements usually embedded within a particular site. Some websites simply have features that might not be handled by a particular converter thereby resulting in error. Carefully defining what particular aspects the converter you need will help point you to the right type of converter to use. Will it be needed for a single page conversion or will it require a whole pdf library for .net platform? Do you prefer a downloadable software or do you wish to not download anything at all? Or would you rather hire an online expert that will do it for you? Price is also another option that comes into mind when free services are limited to your liking.


When it comes to choosing a converter of html to pdf, it is imperative to check for the features. Does your choice offer numerous benefits for your task? Does it convert the whole web page successfully? Take Select PDF, for instance, this highly reliable online converter system allows a user to convert a URL or an HTML code easily and for free. It can convert raw HTML strings into portable PDF files allowing access to modify page settings. Resizing the content can be done to fit your desired page. It also allows viewer preferences and enhanced security via passwords and permissions. By checking on the converter’s feature vis-à-vis your requirement, you can easily find one to successfully use on your own.

Price and Customer Support

Another important aspect in choosing a html to pdf converter is the price and available customer assistance. Be reminded that not all websites can be easily converted into PDF files. There are certain websites whose HTML codes are more complex than you think. Having a reliable customer support will be of great help. Select PDF does offer free services complete with readily available customer support to suit your needs.







It was one of my friends who introduced me to social media as a robust internet marketing tool. In the beginning when my personal art blog was just started, social media platforms were not even in the scene. However as my site started getting traffic, I started earning. There was a need to reach to the huge market and make people aware of the products. I was depending on the word of mouth and the bit of passive promotion it got online. However, as competition grew, my friend recommended that I take the reign of marketing in my hand to be able to set my brand apart. Social media was the first thing I was told to explore comprehensively. I decided that Twitter marketing would be the place to be.

What I liked the most about the social networking platform was the reach it provided and the ease to use it to one’s advantage. I needed a service that was well versed in running social media campaigns and could manage Twitter marketing effectively. After some browsing online, I came across this service that provides a vast range of online marketing services. The company was experienced and offered a number of packages that could be tailored according to one’s budget as well as duration. Twitter is a highly popular platform with over 6000 messages being posted per second. The service provider I was planning to hire had some experience managing twitter campaigns and it reflected from the positive reviews it had received. Some of the benefits they promised were brand visibility, connecting thousands of potential customers online, enhance brand positioning, engage existing customers, and build a network of loyal customers online.

 The Twitter marketing service it provided came in a package of 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months. I wanted to go for the 3 months package so that I could be able to gauge the service. The package included the creation of a dedicated brand page and came with social media consulting. The page would also be monitored daily and the progress analyzed to keep tract of the campaign. The service also included linking to other social media accounts. After reviewing and comparing the prices, which were quite competitive compared to similar other services. I decided to go ahead and choose this provider for my social media needs.

I was reassured after speaking to the representative and I am delighted about how the whole thing went. The service was quite responsive to every query, doubts, and inputs. It always kept me updated about the progress and I could actually see the exceptional results it was yielding. Thanks to them, my brand now has hundreds of followers in a span of just a couple of months. I have positive review on the Twitter marketing service and the way this company handled my work. It truly delivered on the promise it made. I would highly recommend this company to others for the excellence and experience they posses. I have been benefitted by hiring their services.


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cyberhostproAs my business grew by leaps and bounds, so did the needs of the basic business website I owned. The portal was mainly just an address on the internet for my business. It was made keeping in mind all the potential customers out there who would want to find an electronic wholesaler in London. To be honest, I had never expected the website to go beyond simply relating information but it has grown and how. Thanks to the website not only did I find new clients but also a reputed name in my niche. It was time to upgrade from being a small business site to a fully fledged portal with an eCommerce part attached. However the site was currently hosted on a moderate plan and considering the traffic that it was getting dedicated servers were the only solution.

As I became more and more acquainted with the power of the internet I found that the speed and performance of the site affected the end results. This was not good if one wanted to expand their business and maintain the goodwill it earned. That is when I started my search for the best hosting service I could find. It was after some reference, asking around and reading reviews on the internet that I came across this service. The company was based in London and offered a wide range of hosting services and web solutions.

Its packages ranged from the most basic plans to high performance dedicated plans for large websites. What was most impressive was the type of hardware they used. It is highly essential to ensure the standard of hardware used. Only the latest and most advanced servers could provide performance that was dependable. Thankfully, UK servers had all of this and more. With Dell Quad core processors and an abundance of RAM speed would surely not be a problem with the service. The staggering bandwidth of 10TB that they promised was just enough to manage even the busiest of days for the site.

Another great thing was they supported both the Windows as well as Linux systems and made it flexible to manage one’s account. With a set up time of less than 24 hours, it seemed quite convenient to upgrade to this service. It had plans that started with Quad Core 1 to Quad core 3 and Windows license for every CPU, the add-ons were just what a large site would need. The thing I liked most about the company was that all of its servers were UK dedicated servers which meant they were safely located.

The package pricing was also quite suitable to my budget. I immediately called them up and discussed at length the requirements. The company was quite accommodating and super responsive. It took no time and absolutely the best technical support to set up the website. I cannot believe how amazing the speed and performance was even after months of use. The customer support was simply impressive and relentless. I would highly recommend it as the safest, fastest and most worthy hosting service out there.




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ibaroodyThe best way to make your business information accessible to people is through your website. No matter what other ways you try to make use of, reaching your audiences through the internet is the easiest and the quickest. The coverage you get through the internet surely cannot be compared to other methods, as this is much higher. You can make use of many offline promotional methods to get your brand name out in the open. Once people see a few hoardings or offline advertisements of your brand in newspapers or television, they will develop an interest to know more about your company. This is when they will visit your website to get detailed information. To have one created, you can take the help of professional Lebanon web design companies. Most people judge a brand based on their website. It is not so hard to figure out how good a company is through the website. This is one of the most effective ways to create a good impression in the minds of prospective customers available on the internet.

Almost every company today has a website as building one is not so tough. There are many on the internet that provides you with the essential tools to build a simple design with readymade templates. Even though it is possible to build one on your own, what you get out of getting it done from a professional designer will be much better than this. You can clearly figure out the difference between the designed on your own and by an expert. An appealing page is not only the key to attract people but also make them stay on it for a long time. Even though many businesses can grab the attention of internet users through an attractive domain name. Not many are able to retain the visitor for a long time. A page built by a professional shows higher scope of making visitors for a longer duration as not only is the Lebanon web design very good but also provides everything the visitor is looking for in a manner that best appeals to them.

Along with designing, it is important to promote your page on the internet, which can be done effectively by adhering to search engine optimization. For my business, I hired a professional company and got my website built by experienced designers who have created ones for many businesses across industries. In addition, I made use of their professional SEO service as it is one of the most reputed SEO companies in Lebanon. They conduct keyword research and figure out the most suitable keywords. The optimized every page for specific keywords. These SEO experts adopt proven SEO strategies that are sure to bring increased rankings for your page. I have seen a good improvement in the rankings of my website, which has brought about more visitors and increased conversions. I am very happy with the service as I am able to gain visitors easily on the internet and convert them. After comparing various services available online, I chose an affordable one that offers top quality services.


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